Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Árabe 

Al-Hikmah A.C.

Al Hikmah is an Arabic word that can be translated as knowledge or prudence.

The Research of the word “Al-Hikmah” say that it means:

فعل ما ينبغي كما ينبغي في الوقت الذي ينبغي

 ”Doing the right, in the right way, at the right time."


We have taken this name in honor to the antique “Bait Al Hikmah” (House of knowledge), which was the cornerstone of the school of Bagdad that applied their influence until the second half of the XV century. This illustrious school was honored to have secured the continuity of civilization, repairing the chain of the human knowledge, so brutally broken by the decline and fall of Rome in the sixth century. At the same way, that not only influenced in the renascence of Europe, but it enlighten the whole Asia.


It was a key to transmit the civilization to the old West and in the same way our target is break new ground with respect to the expansion, effect and splendor of the Arab-Islamic culture in Latin America, propagate the mutual understanding and stand out that aspects that even if they seem far away, they are more closely to us.