It was April 30 of 1998 when Carlos, the youngest son of the Rojas family accepted the Islam at the first day he attended to the meeting center of the Mexican Muslims in the Distrito Federal (a state of Mexico). Then, two months later, his mother accepted the Islam with his brother Ruben and his eldest brother Edgar. Allah had blessed them with the Islam.


They live in the east of the Mexico City, considered one of the biggest cities in the world. They had many little businesses such as: a stationery store, a grocery store, a barbershop, a little restaurant and even an internet cafe came to have the Rojas family housing. But when the family entered to the Islam and the time to pray arrived, they closed for a while their business to pray.


In their stationery store they had some posters of Mecca and Medina and every time people saw them, they asked about them and while the time went some of their costumers, neighbors and many other people started to adopt this form of live.


Muslims visits were constant; they are and were visited by brothers from everywhere, since different states of Mexico until brothers of other countries. The Rojas family house was perfect to shelter all the brothers who came to the different events organized by the Islamic center of Mexico. Since by the fact that the family was Muslim, there was no problem for a Muslim more in the house.


Thus was born the idea in 2000 to open a space to pray in front of the house and in that way they show to their clients why their neglected to their business for a while during the day, also to accommodate the visitors and to have a space where they could live more privately.

Bless start when their brother Ruben (whom adopted the name of Hamza) decided to start to build the space because one time he asked to a taxi driver if he knew what a musala was, the driver said “no” so Hamza decided to invite him inside the house to talk about it and give him some pamphlets, three months later, the driver returned giving the testimony of faith.

In 2001, Carlos Rojas (whom adopted the name of Isa) was accepted in the Medina Islamic University.

In 2002, the first Friday’s dissertation was realized by Omar Weston.

In the summers, when Isa Rojas went on vacations to Mexico, he gave classes to the brothers.

Formally on June 28, 2006, after he consult with the whole Rojas family, he decide to start the construction of the Al Hikmah center in the house of his mom with the help of some noble brothers.

 2006, July, the Shaij Isa García visited the construction of the center.



 Since 2006 until today, alhamdulillah, the construction have continue making an effort to end it inshallah